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Free Agents

Note to the Coaches

Dear Coaches, 

Below you will find the current list of Free Agents. If you are interested in a player please reach out directly. Once you confirm with the guardians of the player, please let us know so we can remove them from the list of available free agents. 

All Rostered players must complete the  Individual Player Registration online by Tuesday  September  19th . The process is very important because it includes player waiver acceptance and builds your team roster for the event. And this includes any of your Free Agents. 


Players interested in participating in an event but are not on a team must complete the Free Agent Registration to be listed on our site. 

Once a player registers as a Free Agent, contact information will be posted for all attending coaches/directors to see.

If a team needs an additional player, coaches/directors will contact the Free Agent directly. Coaches/Directors may set their own fee to be paid directly to the team for participating. 

Please keep in mind that Free Agency does not guaranteed to place you on a team. 

It is FREE To register in the Free Agency 

The Registration "Free Agents " is not currently available.

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